My thoughts on this seasons Pantone’s picks…

Hey hey everyone!
I know I’m a tad bit to late jumping on the whole Pantone Spring 2014 colour picks, but I’ve been busy…you know…moving and all..ok..ok, I just forgot about it and only remembered now..but the moving is a good enough excuse, right?
So, as usually Pantone came out with their colour picks for the Spring/Summer 2014 season. They chose ten beautiful colours, most of them being (in my opinion) on the pastel side, which is pretty sweet and appropriate for the season.
Lets take a quick look at each of them, ok?
Placid Blue is a very cool and pastel light blue, that kinda reminds me of the sky in the afternoon…it’s very calm and peaceful.
Pantone describes Violet Tulip as a “vintage purple” and I think it’s a perfect description because it’s a very nostalgic colour..
Hemlock is, like Placid Blue, a very light and pastel, calm and peaceful’s much subtle than the emerald greens of previous seasons, but gorgeous nonetheless! (I saw a bag in Forever21 in this colour and I loved it!)
Paloma is what Pantone calls a “quintessential neutral”, because it can be worn on it’s own or with any of the other’s one of my favorites because it is that versatile!
Sand reminds me of the desert..I can see some accessories in this colour with a hint of gold being worn with any of the other colours and looking very expensive and chic..
Freesia is a very warm yellow and probably my least favorite colour..just because it doesn’t look good on me, but nonetheless very versatile when paired with some of the other shades..
Cayenne is a “high-pitched” red, gorgeous and warm, brings any outfit to the next level…I love it!
Celosia Orange is a very warm orange, reminds me of the sundown in Summer afternoons…it’s very beautiful and I can see it looking great with a tan skin..
Radiant Orchid was the hue chosen by Pantone as the colour of the season..but even though it is undeniably an amazing colour, I don’t think it’s all that..
Last but not least, Dazzling Blue, opposite of Placid Blue, a very strong, vivid blue hue that is probably my favorite! I already have a shirt in this colour, ironically bough last Summer…guess I was predicting it being a chosen colour, huh?
What do you guys think? Are you happy with this seasons selections?
Let me know what you think..



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    Thank you!!! I'm going to check out your blog right away =)

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