My Top 4 Maybelline Products

 I’m a huge fan of drugstore makeup and even thought I do own some high end makeup items, there are some items that I just keep on getting from the drugstore over and over again!
Top 4 Maybelline Products
Maybelline has always been one of my favorite brands! I used to always get their foundations until I learned to match them to my skin and realized their lightest shade is actually way to dark on me. Having that said, there are some products I wouldn’t buy from a high end brand!
Mascaras from Maybelline are my favorite!!! I’ve used the Colossal Volume Express for as long as I can remember and I love it, it still is one of my favorite mascaras out there! Then, late last year, I decided to finally try out the The falsies volume colossal express (the pink tube!) and I fell in love!!! I currently use both of them and at about 11€ a tube, they’re not too expensive in my opinion (of course you can also go for brands like Essence and such, which carry good mascaras, but I still think these two are better and worth the money!).
I remember when the color tattoo’s came out..once I tried them, I understood all the hype! They’re the perfect base for an eye makeup! I own the On and on Bronze and wear it to every brown smokey eye I make!
The color whispers are also amazing lipsticks!! I cannot find them in Austria or Portugal, but a friend of mine gave me one she got in America and I loved it!!! It gives the right amount of color without drying your lips!
These are my Top 4 Maybelline products! What are yours?


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