Nail polish choices!

As you guys know, when I moved to Vienna, I could only bring one full suitcase and one carry on (and Cookie on a very-cute-pink-and-colorful carry on). That didn’t leave much space for all my cosmetic and makeup obsession collection, so I had to make some choices. That meant that I could only really bring what I really needed, or better said what knew I would use (because what I needed is kind of subjective), such as my beloved Naked 3 palette. So I ended up only bringing these two nailpolishes when I moved. Which is fine, but after 2 months of wearing them non stop, I got bored.  (Funny fact: when you’re on a budget spendind 10€ for a nail polish seems like a lot. So I didn’t. Even thought I always go drool check out the Essie counters at Bipa and dm.)
Nevertheless, I wanted some new options for my nails and headed on to Bipa and Müller, where I got these two cute (and most of all affordable!!) gems!
Both of them cost less than 2€ and are actually pretty good, especially if you wear a top coat with them! Of course they don’t compare to Essie or OPI, but then again you pay for what you get, right?
I love the nude color (it looks lighter in person!) and think it’s the perfect shade to wear to the office, if you cannot wear bold colors. Luckily, my office is pretty liberal and I can pretty much wear what I want. The pink color is very vibrant and dries very fast (major plus for a clumsy girl like me!) and gives me  a very feminine look, which I love!
What are your favorite nail polish shades to wear?



  1. 20. May 2014 / 7:06 am

    It was actually my first ever nude color! I've had white-ish and darker colors, but never one that was really nude and I LOVE it!!! =D

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