Nails of the week: Chinchilli and glitter!

 I love wearing nail polish. I think it’s a good way to accessorize yourself and change things up, plus it can be chic, fun or low key! The only thing that really pisses me off is that on me they chip very easily, no matter what top coat I use..
Anyways, today I’m showing you the nail polish combination I’ve been wearing for the past days. It’s cute and fun, in my opinion, without being too dramatic.
Remember this post where I showed you my two new nail polishes? I still haven’t added any to my collection…sigh.. Anyways, I used Chinchilli from Essie, which is a very neutral grey color, that I think goes with everything!
On top of it, because I was feeling a bit fun and girly, I put a gold glitter nail polish. I’m pretty limited what nail polishes are concerned, because I only brought three, two of them being the ones I used above..but I think I’m still doing a pretty darn good job, no?
What do you think?


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