New apartment decorating ideas!

So, since I found a new apartment I’ve been thinking of how I’d like to decorate it…It has almost no furniture (just a bit of storage and one bookshelf-kinda-thing) and I only have my bed…

That’s why I decided to go on Polyvore to get some inspiration…and then of course share with you guys! Here it is:

New apartment decorating ideas!

What I definitely need is a table, because the apartment isn’t furnished and I only have my bed…so that’s kinda my priority right now…and of course, some chairs! You can see I’m leaning on to white furniture, because I feel it’ll make the apartment look bigger (or at least not smaller than it already is) and that way I can also play with colors in the accents!

For outside (did I mention I have a terrace????) I’d also like to get a table and two chairs…so we can sit and relax…of course an umbrella is also in order, especially with my light and fair and stupidly sensitive skin!

Other than that, I’m thinking of getting curtains in a sort of greenish color, that will look good and calm, but not too girly…

This last one will make my Mom proud…but I’m thinking of getting a rug….ikea has a very similar one to the one above, which I fell in love with!!! It’s not too big..not too small…perfect neutral color…I just love it…me, the person who used to hate rugs!



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