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You know those things you see at the drugstore and want to try, but somehow feel they’re too expensive to get or not worth the money? That happens A LOT to me. The things I’m about to show you fell in that category. When I came across Fragrance Direct and saw they have a ton of things at very very good prices, I knew I had to try these out!


As I’ve shared a lot, it’s virtually impossible for me to find L’Oreal or drugstore foundations that are light enough for me – at least in stores. Somehow they never sell the really light ones, at least I’ve never found them in Portugal or in Austria. 

Naturally, when I saw Fragrance Direct had this foundation in lighter colors, I decided to try it out, since I’ve heard a ton of good things about it. I got the True Match foundation in the colour R1-C1 Rose Ivory. It’s definitely on the warm side and it is somewhat dark for me right now, however I think it would be perfect for the Summer time. Also, it’s very blendable, so I really just don’t wear it as often because I’m lazy to spend the time blending it very well. It was around 6€.

The Kohl Minerals powder eye liner is a product I muss confess I already used. I had this in black way back in the day – it was my first black eyeliner and I used it to death! I loved it so much that when I saw it in the website I knew I had to get it! It’s the color 05 Iced Chestnut, which I find to be more wearable for a day to day look and cost 2.50€. 

Last, but not least, I got the L’Oreal Colour Infallible Eye Shadow in the colour 004 Forever Pink. This is something I’ve always wanted to try out, but felt that the normal price of 10€ was a bit too much. I scored this at a mere 2.50€ – just like the liner. 


I will be doing separate reviews on these later on, once I’ve had some time to test them out a bit more. 

Do you like L’Oreal makeup products? What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments!


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