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The 14th of June was the Austrian Press Day. Five agencies in Vienna presented their customers to journalists and bloggers. I got the invite from Heroes&Heroines a few weeks before and knew I had to go. Today I am sharing with you what I liked and why one agency was a disappointment. 

Austrian Press Days - bbpr - Curvy Life Stories


As I mentioned before, five agencies were part of the Austrian Press Days. It was perfect, because it meant I could visit them all in one trip to Vienna. It also meant I could see my blogger bff Bobby! Michi, another blogger friend, as well as my cousin Claudia also came along. And Benjamin, of course! 

The first agency we visited was bbpr, where the ladies were super nice and Benjamin immediately got his flirt on. Some of the brands that caught my eye were Havaianas, Reno, Pandora, Kissa Tea and, my favorite interior decoration shop, Depot. I could have smuggled every single pair of Havaianas on the display, but I was good and only thought about it. 

Our second stop was Andrea Leitner PR, which featured more of a luxurious selection of brands. Among them Dr. Hauschka and Thomas Sabo. The ladies at the reception were very nice, but it felt like there was no one from the agency inside – or at least I didn’t see anyone (with exception of the waiters who offered us drinks).

Austrian Press Days - PR International - Curvy Life Stories

The third agency we went to was Spread, which featured some of my favorite brands: Verival, Henkel Beauty Care and all i need. We got to speak directly with some of the ladies from the agency and I overall had a very good feeling there. 

After a quick lunch pitstop, we continued witht he Austrian Press Day, heading to PR International. I was already looking forward to seeing some of the news from their brands and did not get disappointed! Benjamin took up the opportunity to catch some “Zs”, while I checked on Comma, There’s a book for that and Peek&Cloppenburg


The agency I was looking for the most, was Heroes & Heroines. Unfortunately, it was also the one that disappointed me the most. 

We got there around 5 pm, the Press Day was until 6 pm. However, it seemed like the members of H&H weren’t into it anymore. I get it, it was the second of two long days. Nonetheless, I felt it was very unprofessional.

But some of the staff members were wearing jackets over their t-shirts, making it hard for us to recognize them. I fed Benjamin his bottle when we got there and wasn’t even aware that two of the girls hanging out in front of me were part of the agency!

I can understand if the staff cannot personally greet us at the door if there is a lot going on. But there wasn’t a lot going on! And once a group of “bigger” bloggers arrived shortly after us, they immediately had two people giving them the grand tour. Which I found very disrespectful towards the rest of the visitors.

Bobby, being her awesome self, took things into her own hands and asked someone to answer her some questions. The poor girl seemed to be an intern and had to go ask herself the answers to give us. And when Bobby asked who was in charge of a certain big retailer brand, the person felt like she wasn’t very keen to speak to her. 

I understand that after two long days the staff was more than ready for the after-party to start. However, the invite said “from 10:00 to 18:00”. I expected the showroom to not only be open, but the staff of the agency to be professional and forthcoming. It was a disappointment and I honestly felt I wasted my time going there.

It especially annoyed me, because I have been very well received at their previous showrooms! This just was not the Heroes & Heroines that I got to know and love. 

With the exception of the last agency, I really liked attending the Austrian Press Day! I I’m already looking forward to the next edition.



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  1. 23. June 2018 / 9:26 am

    Wirklich eine spannender Beitrag, liebe Rosie! ich hab’s bisher berufsbedingt leider noch nie zu einem Press Day geschafft und wollte dieses mal unbedingt dabei sein, aber leider ist mir auch wieder etwas dazwischen gekommen. Total schade, dass ihr bei Heroes & Heroines solche Erfahrungen gemacht habt :/

    Liebst, Sarah-Allegra

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