Not so new Goodies!!!

Hello dolls!

How have you all been today? I’ve been studying my eyeballs out and now I just needed a quick brake =) Wanna know what I got a couple of weeks ago? Check below! 

So..I was really in need of some shoes..I didn’t have any type of shoe that can be worn in Autumn (I know, badly of me) so I was either rocking my boots that are gorgeous but very hot also, and make me want to move to Antarctica (my bad for buying them in Vienna where it actually snows =P) or some ballet flats…and let me tell you, between being too warm or having my toes fall off from the cold…I didn’t know which one to choose haha!


So me and Mom were out looking for some boots for her as well and she was all like “why are you wearing those shoes? They are summer shoes!!!!” So we went and looked if there was something I would like (I’m picky…TOO picky!) and I found these (look above!)!!!!


 They are just some black wedges with about 6cm height, a suede-type and REAAAAAAAALY comfortable!! I mean…I walked ALL DAY LONG (that’s from 6am to 6pm) with them and they didn’t hurt A BIT!!!

I wanted a shoe I could wear with some jeans but also with a skirt/dress. And I wanted them to be comfortable. And I wanted a heel/wedge because I’m always in flats. And I wanted a color that would suit everything, hence black!!!

They were bought at Deichmann (YAY for opening one in Portugal!!I totally love them even more now!!!) and were only 30€!!! Which is totally a steal for the high quality of them, but I’ve know Deichmann to have some cheap shoes at a good quality!

Hope you enjoyed the post! What are YOUR go-to shoes in the fall?? Answer below!

xox Rose



  1. 4. December 2011 / 10:13 am

    Thanks for the sweet comments you've left on my blog! We tried to make a back up, but it didn't work…
    I hope to see you back non my blog soon.

    xoxo Mireille

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