Oh hello there September!

September was always one of my favorite months! It meant that I would see all my friends at uni again, that it wouldn’t be as effing hot as in the Summer (even though in Portugal there is not much of a difference between August and September) and it just means new beginnings.
Even though this year there is no difference, since I got to work all through Summer and apparently am only able to start my Master degree in March due to bureaucracy stuff, I’m still really happy that it’s September!
For once, the weather has gotten just how I like it: cold. Not humid cold like we have in Portugal, but that dry cold that makes your cheeks red, but does not get into your bones. 
August was good. Really good! I learned who my friends are, who I really want in my life and who I don’t. I learned to appreciate myself somewhat more. 
And above all, I’m happy!
Have a great September!!!!



  1. Anonymous
    23. September 2014 / 9:35 am

    Gostei do que li e pelo teu estado de espírito que transparece sentires-te bem contigo própria. Fico feliz por ti. Beijinhos.

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