On the hunt

I’ve been living in my apartment since July and even though I do quite like the apartment itself, things aren’t the way I expected them to be.
I am aware that most people would not have taken this apartment, because it is so small, the painting job is poorly done and it is on the 4th floor with no lift (even though there is a lift, but it doesn’t work). Nonetheless, I really liked it when I first saw it. And I still do. 
But some things aren’t working out. I had more than one friend take a look at my lease and they all told me it is “weird”. Markus actually told me it’s a very old type of lease that shouldn’t be used anymore. Eva’s Dad said that it is done so that I’m on the short end of the straw. Mind you, this is my first time renting an apartment and I have no clue how these things work, let alone in Austria! I have some knowledge of how they work in Portugal, but I’m not there anymore.. I am going to go to a place here in Vienna where they help you out with these kind of things and hopefully it’ll help.
Nevertheless, I am now officially on the hunt for a new apartment. So, if any of you guys know about someone who has an apartment to rent in Vienna, please let me know!
I am looking for something small, but with good living conditions (such as functioning heater, etc).


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