Our first real vacation as a family

We have traveled with Benjamin to Portugal and even managed to squeeze a weekend getaway last Fall. However, our first vacation as a family took place this Summer. Today I am sharing with you how our first real vacation as a family went.

When we were planning our wedding, Markus and I purposefully did not plan a honeymoon. We wanted to invest the money in other things, and we simply don’t have anyone that we could leave Benjamin with. Instead, planned a one-week family vacation to Croatia. More specifically to Poreč, in the Istrian Peninsula. 

family vacation to croatia


We drove down from Linz to the apartment we rented, which takes around 5 hours. It was already 19:45 when we arrived at the apartment we rented near Poreč and, after loading the luggage off, went into town to have dinner. Benjamin refused to sit during it and basically spent the time playing with rocks from the vases near our table. It’s a new obsession of his (don’t ask). 

The first night of our vacation ended up being the worst night we have ever experienced with Benjamin! He was clingy like never before, insisting on sleeping on one of us. Needless to say, none of us got any sleep and at around six in the morning we gave up and got up. About one hour later, we finally found out what was bothering Benjamin, when he proceeded to throw up on the kitchen floor. Obviously, he did it on the few minutes Markus had left me alone with him.

Being a sufferer of emetophobia, you can imagine how thrilled I was. (sarcasm intended). I ran yelling in panic and Benjamin followed, more annoyed that I had left, instead of the actual throwing up he was doing. Five minutes later he was dancing in circles and happy as can be. *insert eye roll here*  I spent the remaining of the vacation either feeling extremely guilty or paranoid that he would throw up again.

family vacation to croatia - nap on beach


We didn’t make any specific plans during our vacation. With a toddler, it can be hard planning things and we didn’t want to stress ourselves out. So we took it day by day and didn’t stress ourselves out. Since we rented an apartment we were able to eat a lot of our meals there. I would advise everyone to rent apartments if traveling with a toddler because it makes things a lot easier! Our apartment also had air conditioning, which was a godsend. 

Most days on this family vacation were spent pretty much the same way: we would eat breakfast at home, go out sightseeing and in the afternoon we would go to the beach. Benjamin took most of his daily naps in the stroller and we got to see a lot of beautiful cities. One day he even took a nap on the beach with us, which was the cutest thing ever. 


One of the things parents often worry about when traveling with babies or toddler is food. Quite honestly, we didn’t really think about it that much beforehand. We took some fail-proof snacks and fruit pouches and decided to check the rest once we got there. Croatia has a lot of tourists from German-speaking countries, which meant that we could also find a lot of baby products in German – some of which we also have in Austria.

Most of the time, though, we gave him what we were eating. Sometimes he ate it, sometimes he didn’t. There may or may not have been days where he may have survived on fries and/or ice cream. He’s a toddler and, for the most part, eats really well so I wasn’t really worried about him not eating much during the vacation. 

family vacation - ice cream

We absolutely loved our first real family vacation and got to make some wonderful memories. Would you or have you ever gone on a vacation with a toddler? What are your foolproof tips? 




  1. 10. July 2019 / 8:13 am

    Glad to know you had an awesome vacation. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    • Rosie
      8. August 2019 / 1:54 pm

      Thank you =) it really was lovely

  2. 29. September 2019 / 11:08 am

    A great plan is very important for a successful family vacation. Thanks “Rosie” for sharing a great post with us. I really appreciate this post.

    • Rosie
      29. September 2019 / 1:46 pm

      That is what I find the most difficult about vacations now, having to plan things out. Even though we really did not plan our days out much, we always went home during nap time.
      Why did you write my name in quotation marks? xD

      xo, Rosie

      • Doona Neace
        10. October 2019 / 8:47 am

        This is not a question marks, I just use ” ” to mention you. Thanks for your reply.

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