Plus Size Outfit – kinda..

As you guys know, I couldn’t bring my whole wardrobe here to Vienna, so I’m bound to wear the same outfits over and over again..which is fine by me, I just change up my jewelry and makeup and I’m good.
I wore again my beloved combination of red and blue, with my new flats that I’ve shown you in this post. Even though I only wore them to go to the post office, because then it got colder and I changed into my boots when I got out later in the afternoon.
As you can see below, my makeup was pretty simple..and today I decided to wear a necklace I haven’t worn in a long long time..
I’ve also noticed that my hair is getting lighter..maybe from the washes or the dye is coming out (remember I tried dying it blonde to get the red off and it didn’t work that well) but I’m actually liking how it is right now..
Do you guys like it?


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