Plus Size Outfit – Zebras like pink!

As you might have read on last week’s post (if you haven’t read it, click here) we went to the Zoo a while ago. Today I’m showing you what I wore!


It was extremely hot that day (like any other day – we’ve had a heatwave and I hate it!) so I decided to wear a very light and flowy shirt and some jeans and sneakers.


This Summer I finally (almost!) overcame my own fear of showing my arms. (ok, it might mostly be due to the heatwave!) and it did feel liberating. But it was also very hard and I always had a light jacket with me in case I felt like wearing it. 


Some of you might know that my problem area are my arms (they got really fat after I gained weight due to a reaction to a medicine and it’s the hardest part to get back as before) and you can see in the picture below that I lost some weight, making the arm a bit more flabby. This is especially noticeable right below my elbow and it’s something that I’ve been extremely self-conscious about. That’s exactly why I’m posting this picture, because even if I think it’s horrible, truth is it’s almost not noticeable to others…and maybe you are also self-conscious about something that only you notice. Don’t let it control your life 😉


What do you guys think? I’m so glad Summer seems to be going into Fall (at least the bloody heatwave is over!). Can’t wait to wear boots and coats and scarves! Fall is my favorite time of the year!



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