Pregnancy Diaries: weeks 21 to 26

One of the things I asked you guys to do to enter my Giveaway was to tell me what kind of posts you enjoy here on the blog. I was surprised when a lot of you told me you want to read more about my pregnancy. I already wrote two Pregnancy Diaries post, one in September and one in October. Today I am sharing with you how the rest of the 2nd Trimester went for me.

Pregnancy Weeks explained

I know the whole weeks’ thing may be somewhat confusing for most of you, or at least to those who were never pregnant. Basically, doctors count pregnancy as 40 weeks, but a woman is actually only pregnant for 38 weeks. The first two weeks are the two first weeks of the menstrual cycle, assuming the woman has a perfect 28-day cycle. 

As you can see below, weeks 21 to 26 correspond to the last week of the fifth month and the whole sixth month. I was very surprised when I realized I was already six months pregnant at 25 weeks!

Pregnancy Diaries: weeks 21 to 26

As you guys know from my last Pregnancy Diary, I managed to catch myself a bacterial infection. Let me tell you, it was no fun! Adding to that my blood pressure decided to go back to its origins from when I was a teenager. In other words, it got really low. I should already be used to it since I always had very low blood pressure. I even used to have fainting spells when I was around 14, without any reason for it! 

Obviously, I talked to my OB who said it was most likely due to the low blood pressure. However, around week 24 I had had it and insisted on taking the Glucose test early – every pregnant woman needs to take it, usually around 28 weeks. I thought maybe I had gestational diabetes because I often got dizzy after I ate. Turns out, I actually have the opposite – hypoglycemia, meaning low blood sugar levels. 

Another thing that may contribute to dizziness is my back. I haven’t written about it here yet, but my back isn’t straight. Additionally, I also have some mild spinal stenosis. Luckily it does not give me symptoms yet, but the shifting of my spinal column to make space for baby also makes me dizzy. However, I always am able to know if it is from this or low blood sugar/pressure, by doing a funny “dance”. If it gets better, I know it was from the position I was sitting/standing.

Unfortunately, the dizziness was very debilitating and my doctor advised me to take my remaining holidays, in order not to have to work so long. That’s why I have already been home, although my leave only officially started on the 3rd of January. 

How stress affects pregnancy

Also, if I get stressed, my blood pressure skyrockets. This was completely new to me, as I always had low blood pressure like I mentioned before. Now, if I am stressed for some reason, my blood pressure will go from the normal 100/60 to 150/97. Those are extremely opposite levels and whenever it happens, it happens quickly. Which is why I now have to measure my blood pressure every day.

Usually, blood pressure higher than 140/90 may be a sign of preeclampsia and people like to be very negative about it whenever it happens. Preeclampsia actually happens with chronic high blood pressure (which can start during pregnancy!). My doctor isn’t worried about it at all, but we’re keeping an eye on it.

Stress isn’t always something you can control. It often goes hand in hand with anxiety and unfortunately I have been having some family issues lately that have been making my anxiety pretty worse. This just goes to show how mental health is just as important as physical health. 

Fibromyalgia and pregnancy

Someone recently messaged me asking how my FMS symptoms are doing during pregnancy. I think I don’t need to make a disclaimer saying I am not a doctor, right? What I can tell you is that during the 1st and 2nd Trimesters my symptoms have more or else disappeared. I will go into it a bit more in depth in another post since it was a very requested subject by a lot of people.

If you want to talk about Fibromyalgia, don’t hesitate to message me, I’ll be glad to chat about it!

All in all, I can consider myself lucky! I haven’t experienced any extreme symptoms during this pregnancy. Sure, as I get bigger I do feel some discomfort and I miss seeing my feet (and my boobs that got 2 cup sizes smaller). But for the most part I really don’t have any complaints and all the less good symptoms are easy to manage. Have you ever been pregnant? What was your experience like?



  1. 18. January 2018 / 11:55 am

    Hallo Rosie,

    obwohl ich selbst nicht schwanger bin und bis jetzt auch noch nie schwanger war, lese ich gerne solche Schwangerschaftpostings. Wow, da hast du ja einiges hinter dir. Ich wünsche dir, dass du die restliche Zeit deiner Schwangerschaft noch entspannt genießen kannst. Zum Glück kannst du mit den Symptomen gut umgehen. Ich wünsche dir alles Liebe für deine restliche Schwangerschaft.

    Liebste Grüße

    • 26. January 2018 / 1:51 pm

      Hallo liebe Lisa! Danke sehr für dein netter Kommentar. Ich habe auch Glück, es könnte auch viel schlimmer sein, das bin ich mir auch bewusst. Trotzdem ist es immer unangenehm wenn es einem nicht gut geht. LG, Rosie

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