Pregnancy Diaries: weeks 27 to 35

I am still in awe of how many of you enjoy my Pregnancy Diaries posts! So today’s post is all about weeks 27 to 35. Or better said, months seven and eight of pregnancy. How crazy is that? 

Pregnancy Diaries: weeks 27 to 30

My last weeks of work were right around months seven. Thank goodness, because it was really getting hard to work! Not because of the work itself, but because I had to be on my feet a lot. Normally I really enjoy it, but with a baby bump growing by the minute (or so it seemed) it was definitely a challenge. 

As you guys know, I still had some holidays left and decided to take them right before my maternity leave. My last working day was the 5th of December and I have to tell you, I had no idea how much I needed the rest until I was home! Sure, the first day I sat on the bed for 20 minutes asking myself what to do with my time, but I soon realized I really needed to rest. See, pregnancy is hard work, you are growing a human being in you!!

I started experiencing some “pains” around my hips and lower back, mostly when I was lying down and had to get up. Otherwise, the only pregnancy symptom I had around this time was being tired and sleeping a lot. 

Weeks 31 to 35

I was so surprised when I realized I had entered the 8th month! To be honest, I didn’t even notice until I was halfway through and someone asked me how far along I was. I had some family issues around weeks 31 to 33, which really shook me up. Without going into details, something happened that made me feel like my wishes were disrespected and violated.

That, in turn, made my anxiety go off the charts. My blood pressure would go extremely high whenever I thought about the issue at hand. They were some hard weeks to go through, but I managed to get a grip on things again with the help of Markus and a good friend.

I am mentioning this here because anxiety really made things hard for my pregnancy. Sleeping was very hard at the time and whenever I was able to sleep, I would wake up in cold sweats. The baby was fine, I was assured by my doctors, but that didn’t mean I didn’t worry about him.

Nausea in the third trimester?

Around week 34, I also started experiencing some nausea again, which is normal for the third trimester. Because of the whole anxiety issues I also wasn’t eating much – not on purpose! – I simply would forget because I did not have an appetite. Since I know that my body reacts with nausea when it needs “fuel”, I started making a conscious effort to eat more during the day. And let me tell you, breakfast is now my favorite meal of the day!

I also started getting some lower back pains, which are perfectly normal! As you guys know, I have some back issues, which is why I didn’t really feel these pains were so much of a burden. Otherwise, everything was mostly fine, except for the huge bump in front of me! Getting socks on has become a hard task and I now walk at the pace of a turtle. At the pace of an old turtle, with arthritis and short legs. 

Pregnancy isn’t easy, but it is in no way a disease. I am aware of how lucky I am, being that I did not experience (until now!) anything extreme and, for the most part, have had a very easy going pregnancy. As possible for someone with a chronic illness can have. 


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