Put a bow on it!

Hey hey everyone!

I’ve been so obsessed with bows since I can remember (which is about last year…my memory doesn’t go that far back haha) and recently I decided I want a pair of pumps with a bow!! 

Me and my friend Daniela actually saw a very cute pair (that I immediately said I wanted..and then remembered I am poor at the moment and just went away..slowly..and sad) in a store today and that inspired me to do this post! 

Put a bow on it!

The first pair has such a cute big bow and they’re peep toe which make them even more glamorous!! Imagine them with a sparkly dress? L-O-V-E!

The second pair I find really unique and cute! It’s no secret that I love myself some mary-janes and the fact that these have bows make them even cuter!

The ballerinas in the middle I think are the perfect way to be comfy and still look put together and a way to dress up a casual outfit!

The burgundy booties are perfect because the bow is in the back and I find it very different and fun!

Last but not least, the sandals just make me want summer to be back already!! I need to get some sandals this year, because I wore my others to death last year..

Hope you guys all have an amazing weekend!




  1. 23. March 2013 / 3:56 pm

    Rosie, How are you? I've been really away, my house is being remodelled and I ws in Madrid for a week.
    I hope you are doing great!!
    I love the ballerinas you have choosen, Lovely, the rest are really nice but I have to admit I'm so clumsy to wear heels.
    kisses my dear

  2. 26. March 2013 / 3:16 pm

    I'm ok! =D Also very busy with uni stuff and such!

    I'm also extremely clumsy with heels, but love them nonetheless! =D

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