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It was exactly a month ago that I lost Cookie.
It’s been hard…but I do think about her every single day…I even have a picture of her hanging on my wall.

I got two little baby kittens in the beginning of the month…they’re very cute and lovely..but they’re of course totally different from Cookie.

She was a very independent cat. I mean, I couldn’t even cuddle with her unless she wanted to. She hardly purred (and when she did it was very very low so you couldn’t really hear it), she didn’t really liked being pet..and she would bite you when she wanted to. But she was my first baby, she was my everything. I think her strong personality made her so special and extraordinary in my eyes.

Donald and Daisy, the two cats I have now, are the oposite of how she was. They play around all the time…they purr like hell..they’re still very shy and scared, but they already come lay with me at night and I can pet Daisy when she’s lying on the bed alone. Donald still runs away, but I manage to catch him sometimes and give him “forced” cuddles…he actually ends up purring the heck out of it!

Sometimes I think she’s looking down from heaven and is happy I have company now. And sometimes I feel so guilty for getting other cats…as if that just means I forgot about her. Which I didn’t and will never do. 

This last month was hard. But I got through it and I really think things will get better from now on. Besides…cats make everything better!



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