Ready for a well planned 2018 with the Jo&Judy A5 pink planner

I have to confess: I love planners! No, honestly, I do! So it comes to no surprise that I love getting them. Today I am showing you why I am:

Ready for a well planned 2018 with the Jo&Judy A5 pink planner

I first discovered Jo&Judy last year, through some bloggers I follow. The big A4 planner even moved in with me and helped me with keeping my blogging in check for 2017.

Naturally, when they announced the launch of their 2018 planner, which is pink (!), I knew I wanted to have it!

JO&JUDY Planner 2018

As always, the Jo&Judy A5 planner came in the most beautiful box! I usually keep boxes like these for when I want to send something to my parents or someone else because they’re pretty practical!

I really do admire the packaging details from Jo&Judy, you can really feel the passion they put into it and it’s a beautiful feeling when you get a gorgeous well-thought package.

JO&JUDY Planner 2018

JO&JUDY Planner 2018

Another beautiful thing is that Jo&Judy always send a postcard in the orders. That is really such a thoughtful thing to do and the postcards are always so pretty and inspiring!

They also sell a variety of postcards on their website, but I didn’t check if this particular one was for sale! Nonetheless, if you’re looking for cute postcards to gift your girlfriends, you will be sure to find them at Jo&Judy.

JO&JUDY Planner 2018

The 2018 Jo&Judy A5 planner comes in both black and pink. I went for the pink version because I prefer the inner layout (the black one has a different layout, you can check it on their website).

It is an A5 size and comes with an extra notebook – pictured on the right.

I really am looking forward to starting using the Jo&Judy planner next month! I always start planning my posts the month before and if the planner is cute, I feel even more motivated!

Do you also use planners? Do you like the Jo&Judy planner? Let me know how you like to plan your life!

Disclaimer: I bought the planner myself


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