Review: Essence get big lashes mascara

I’m always on the look for mascaras – seriously, it’s become almost an obsession! I love big, long lashes full of volume, but I want it without spending 30€. (I bought a mascara from YSL once and it was the worst ever!)

Today I’m sharing my opinion on the Essence get big lashes mascara. Essence is an inexpensive German makeup brand with some really good products (especially considering the price!). The best gel eyeliner I’ve ever used was from them, but they discontinued it…anyways, on to the mascara!


It comes in a black tube with writing in a yellow background. It promises a volume boost and, as the name suggests, big lashes! I got it in the blackest black they had. They also sell a waterproof version.


The brush is rather large, which can be a problem for some people, but I guess that’s a matter of taste. I personally don’t dislike the shape of the brush. The formula of the mascara is on the dry side and I feel that it doesn’t really build up much after the first coat. 


Above is my eye without any mascara (or any makeup for that matter!). As you can see I have pretty light lashes and even on those days I don’t wear makeup, I don’t leave the house without mascara.

Below you can see the result with the mascara. As you see it is extremely black and defines my lashes. Unfortunately it doesn’t really give me much volume and isn’t very build-able.


I think for the price it is a very good product! At under 3€ you can’t really ask for more, can you? 

Have you ever tried any products from Essence? Which one is your favorite?




  1. 29. July 2015 / 12:43 pm

    I’m really picky with mascara and go through so many trying to find the right one. My favourite that I have ever used is my Benefit They’re Real Mascara. That is AMAZING! It really curls and adds volume while making them long and black!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    • 3. August 2015 / 3:14 pm

      I know, I’m too! I also love Benefit They’re Real, but it’s so pricey…I W7 has a really good dupe for it, but I haven’t tried it yet…

    • 3. August 2015 / 3:15 pm

      Ja eh, kann man wirklich nicht viel erwarten, aber ich bin schon positiv überrascht gewesen von Essence mascaras!

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