Review: Essence I love Extreme mascara

Today I’m bringing you another review for an Essence mascara! 


This time I’m reviewing the I love Extreme mascara. It comes in a pink container with black letters and again I chose the black one. They also have a waterproof version.


The brush is long and has short bristles. It’s made out of plastic and promises “crazy volume”. The formula is on the wet side and also doesn’t build up well – I’m starting to think this is a common issue with Essence mascaras.


Above is again my eye without any mascara. Below with the I love Extreme mascara.

I find the result is quite clumpy, especially if you try to build it up. It is also very wet and very black.


Personally I didn’t really like this mascara. I found it to be too wet and it didn’t do much for my lashes other than give them color. I wouldn’t get it again, unless there was no other mascara to choose from and I really really needed some.

Have you tried this mascara? What are your thoughts? What is your favorite all-time mascara?



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