Romantic Valentine

Hey hey everyone!

Since it’s already February I thought about making some posts helping some of you deciding what to wear on a Valentine date!

I’m not really one for Valentine, only because I think if you love someone you don’t really need a date to show it to them and dinner dates or gifts are so much more special when they come unexpected. I do think you don’t need a date or a boyfriend or girlfriend to have fun on this night! Just go out with your group of girls and have an amazing night!

So, for this first post I decided to give you an idea on what you could wear if you wanted to go for a more Romantic and girly look!
Romantic Valentine

I think the focus in this outfit is definitely the dress! I love the colour, the shape is flattering on most body shapes and the lace give an even more romantic flare to it!

The blazer dresses things up a bit and could be taken out indoors, but still keep you warm outdoors, after all it’s still cold in February!

For shoes I would go for nude peep-toes, I loved these because they’re romantic and the heel is a bit thicker than usual, meaning they will be easier to walk in. Of course, if you live somewhere colder and need to put some stockings on, I would go for some closed pumps or even some booties that match the stockings! 

For accessories I decided to keep things romantic by wearing some cute earrings and a pearl necklace, but not a “granny” necklace, a cute and modern pearl necklace. The clutch is super cute and matches both the shoes and the necklace!

For makeup I would go for something simple and romantic, some long lashes to make your eyes bigger (you could add false lashes if you wished!) and some nude pink lipstick and gloss, the most romantic and natural of all! 

And there you go, a romantic outfit for the girly girl! Would you wear this? Let me know!



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