Rose advises: How to deal with bullying!

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Today on Rosie Advises I’m going to write about bullying…or more accurately, how to deal with it..
Unlike what some people tend to think, that bullies were also sometimes bullied before they turned into bullies, I think that’s not always the case! I think some people just choose to be mean and hurtful!! Let’s face are what you want to be…and you only become a bully if you want to.. I’m not saying that some bullies out there haven’t also been bullied…I’m saying they chose to become and do the same thing that once hurt them as well..
In what dealing with bullying concerns..I think we should try to separate the different types of bullying…in some cases I think the best approach is just to handle it like you would handle rumors, like I wrote in this last advice post. Because, sometimes the bullying is done in a form of, quite simply put, talking crap about someone! Like…when I was in 7th grade..I had a couple older guys calling me whale..that was hurtful (I’m not going to lie) but in the end of the day, it didn’t mean anything…words only hurt us if we let when someone calls you fat, ugly or any other bad thing, just remember they’re probably far more insecure than they show and think they’re showing “power” or “greatness” by putting other people down…and you will only let yourself be put down if you want to, never forget that!!

Nevertheless, if you do feel like the verbal bullying is going out of hand, you should go talk to someone, be it a parent, a teacher or a trusted friend that can help!
If, one the other hand, the bullying gets in any way physical or threatening then I advise you to go ask for help! There is nothing shameful about being bullied and there sure as hell is nothing wrong in asking for outside help! There were times I was being followed and things were put into my locker and I should have asked for help and I didn’t… 

Don’t try to pay in the same way..bullying people is not good and if you have been bullied than you should know how bad it is and not do it in return!!! Bullying can result in many bad things, like shyness, not being able to trust people or even social anxiety (my personal case..I’ll write a post about that if you’d like to know more) and it can be actually really debilitating!

And if someone says that you’re being a sissy (like my Dad always used to say), don’t let that affect you!!! Times are different and I bet you that our parents experienced a whole different school environment as we do nowadays…so they can’t actually really give any good opinion or say they know because…well, they don’t. Parents may know a lot of things, but they don’t know everything and if they haven’t experienced it, they can’t know how you feel…even if they had, people feel things and get affected by them differently..

All in all, remember being bullied is NOT ok..and you should not let yourself be treated in any bad way, by anyone! It’s actually surprising how many people get bullied in their own homes by their siblings…makes me happy for having grown up as an only child!! =P 

You did not do anything wrong and whatever you do, don’t make up excuses for why you’re not asking for help…there’s only so much they can do to you! It doesn’t matter if you’re afraid…would you rather be afraid your whole school years or would you rather face that fear of asking for help? Usually bullies live off of fear…making others fear them to be more precise…but in the end of the day, you’re better than them…never forget that!

If you want to know my personal experience with cyberbullying (a bullying type that has been increasing more and more with the internet), you can read it in this post I wrote!

And remember: Treat others like you would like to be treated! And I think no one would like to be bullied…so don’t go doing it to others!!! No matter what excuse you use…it’s not ok!



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