Rosie Advises: a new weekly series?

Hey hey everyone!
Even though I only started this blog in November, I already got some e-mails of people who read it asking for advice, questions or just wanting to connect. One or another freak or creep is also in those e-mails, asking for my bra number or what I’m wearing, but usually I just ignore and block those mails (after a good laugh). 
I always answer them and it really is an honor for me that people reach out to me and to ask for advice or even just to say hi. I’m a people person and love to feel like I can help someone, especially since this is such a small blog and all..
Recently I got an e-mail of a lovely young girl that wanted some love advice..I answered her directly, but I thought it would maybe be a good idea to write it also here, since it’s such a requested subject. I even thought of starting an advice series, if my readers would like…what would you say?
What do you guys think? I even made a banner for it and everything =P
I don’t know when I would post it..if it would be a weekly thing..what days and such…so I would gladly have your opinion, ok?
Have a good week!


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