Rosie Cooks: Creamy Wedges

Hey hey everyone!
On Saturday afternoon I had a craving for the potato wedges I used to have when I was here in Erasmus, but I didn’t want to eat just that, since I’m trying to eat healthy and all I decided to see what I had in the fridge, but still manage to incorporate some wedges into the dish..and this is what I came up with!
I had some leftover turkey breast, that I marinated with some lemon juice, garlic and oregano and let it sit aside for about two hours, just soaking in the flavors.
When it was time to cook it, I put the wedges into the oven and let it do its job while I chopped up the mushrooms.
In a frying pan I put some Rama (it’s a cooking oil type of thing) and waited until the bubbles disappeared (that’s what the tv add says to do!) and then put some more garlic, the meat and salt and let it cook. While that was happening I put some lettuce, a couple of cherry tomatoes and some cucumber into a bowl and drizzled it with some balsamic oil mixture.
I put the mushrooms into the meat pan and then some Rama Créme to make things a bit more creamy and when it was done I put it on a plate with the wedges and voila!
I also had some strawberries chopped up with an apple for dessert, but I forgot to take a picture of it…everything was yummy and fairly healthy I think!
What do you guys think?


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