Rosie Cooks: Rinder Natur Schnitzel

When I got this package on Friday I just knew I had to make some meat for dinner..and being the good girl I am, when I was shopping for groceries I went and looked at red meat (something I hardly ever eat lately and should eat more often because I lack vitamin B12) and I found a good package at about 3€ with three small round pieces of cow meat. Do not ask me what part of the cow it was, because I do not know those things..I look at the meat and if I like the way if looks and its price, I get it. It’s how I shop, deal with it! 
Anyways, the meat was really lean and on the package was written “Rinder Schnitzel”. Now, I know “Rinder” means baby cow (what, I don’t know how it’s called in English, ok? Don’t judge…) and “Schnitzel” is my Dad’s favorite food and coincidentally one of Vienna’s special foods knows all over the world. Only, usually it’s not with this kind of meat. I think..
Anyways, I digress…this is what I cooked last Friday night!
The meat shrinked a lot in the pan and I had already started eating it when I remembered to take the picture…and yes, those are a lot of potato wedges and I didn’t even manage to finish them all during dinner, so I had them as a late night snack. Doesn’t usually happen, but I didn’t want to throw them away.
Of course, I topped it off with some green salad and tomatoes, sprinkled with some of my balsamic and olive oil mixture and a bit of salt.
It was yummy and really filled me up!



  1. 18. March 2014 / 5:20 pm

    Maybe =P I'm not good with meat names =P I did like the wedges a lot!! =D

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