Rosie Cooks: Tortellini with green Pesto!

I love Italian food. I really, really do. I think I must have been Italian in another life..I’ve never gone to Italy, but from what I’ve heard from those who have, the food there isn’t all that…(sorry Federico…but you’re still my favorite Italian!).
I especially like pasta. Any kind of pasta. As long as it isn’t hot (I can’t stand very hot chili for me..) I will most likely love it. 
Another thing I also love is pesto. Pesto in Italian actually means “sauce” from what I’ve been told…but everyone knows the little bottles with Basil pesto you can buy at the groceries store, right? That’s what I like! I like it home made, store bought…as long as it’s basil pesto I like it (and my Dad makes an amazing home made one!!!! Yummy!!).
It comes to no surprise that one of my favorite and very easy to make dishes involves tortellini and pesto, right? And that’s exactly what I had last night!
I just had to throw the tortellini’s in water, let them cook and then mix some basil pesto with them! Sometimes I also put some veggies or even chicken, but last night I wanted it easy and simple..and it still tasted delicious! If I had had some cheese home I would have put some over it and let it get toasty in the oven. But I just did this and took some black olives, my favorite (actually the only olives I like..) and that was my dinner!
The best part? A package of tortellini from the Clever brand at Billa costs 0.50€ and lasts me for two times, three if I mix in some veggies and meat!
This was my affordable and yummy dinner last night!
What’s your favorite food?



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