Rosie Cooks: Yummy turkey salad!

 Hey hey everyone!

I have realized I’ve been eating less here in Austria, maybe because I’m always on the move or maybe because I’m actually having a more filling breakfast. Also, I’ve been snacking on fruit a lot, having had an apple and a banana every day for the last week. And I like it too! I feel like my sweet tooth has gotten somewhat down and I have more energy during the day as well, helping me also rest better at night. 

So, on to the dish I have to show you today! The other night I was feeling like having something light, but also healthy and filling. I decided to go for a salad, so I headed on to the supermarket and got myself some tomatoes, cucumber and green salad. I also got some lean turkey meat, because I haven’t been eating a lot of meat lately.

I made the meat with a bit of garlic and salt (after having let it soak in lemon juice with some oregano for about 45min) and when it was done I threw in the mushrooms and let them get toasty, because that’s the way I like them! While the meat and mushrooms were cooking I made the salad.

I used about 6 big leaves of the salad and just washed them and teared them up with my hands. Then I cut some tomatoes in half and put them with the salad. I also used a whole cucumber (what? I like cucumber!!!), put some balsamic dressing over everything and topped it with the meat and mushrooms.
Here’s the result:
It tasted really yummy!! Made me remember why I love salads so much!!! I might even make a similar one today, since I still have some leftover meat and salad.
What do you guys think?


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