Rosie Decorates: Rugs and Candles

I moved into my new apartment in the beginning of July. It had two cabinets that I use as a closet and a small bookstand-kind-of-thing-with-a-couple-of-drawers that I use as…well storage for anything else!
After Cookie’s accident I, obviously, put all of my time and money into helping her getting better. And I would do it all over again, even if I’d known she wouldn’t make it.

Which means, I basically am where I started, plus a table. I really had to get a table, it was just getting impossible doing everything on my bed and it’s just something every house needs. So, as you might imagine, there’s a lot couple of things I need to get to make this place more….cozy and home-like.

Rugs and Candles

One of the biggest things I want to get for the apartment is a rug. I think it’s just a way of making a space more cozy (and I’m turning into my Mother. I used to hate rugs), give a pop of color and also make the whole apartment somewhat warmer in the winter. (Don’t forget it snows here and I have no clue how cold this apartment is in the wintertime). Besides, it will “hide” some of the marks the floor has (already had them when I moved in).
I love the grey rugs…they’re just cozy and, well, a neutral color that goes with everything. But I also like the pink/magenta ones, even though they would be trickier to combine with acessories. My curtains are white with some grey designs and my bedding is light pink, so both of the options would look great!

Another thing I absolutely want to get, but haven’t yet because I always get a guilty feeling if I were to get something so “unecessary”, are candles. I love candles! They look great, smell great and just make me feel home!

How did you guys decorate your first apartment? I kinda wanna do everything right and am scared of actually commiting to anything out of fear of finding something better…(this could totally apply to men as well haha)



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