Rosie Styles: Dresses three ways!

I like dresses. Scratch that, I love dresses! Especially once the colder weather comes around. I’ve always felt that thighs keep me warmer than jeans, during the winter. But ever since I’ve discovered thermo thighs, I’ve been wearing them more than ever!!!

The good thing about dresses? You can style the same dress in many different ways!

Dresses three ways!

For this post I chose A-line dresses, because those are the ones that are most flattering for my body shape and I would actually wear any one of these!
What I love the most: I would wear any of these dresses with any of the shoes I chose, depending on what look I was going for. Ballerinas are the most casual, yet girly choice, boots keep me warm during winter and rain and heels are for dressier occasions. Even though I don’t usually wear heels (I own two pairs), I do love ballerinas and I love that you can also find dressier versions of them.

The nude nail polish goes well with dressier and casual looks and so does the bag. To spice it up a bit I would wear my beloved red lipstick and of course jewelry!

What do you guys think? How would you style these dresses?



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