Rosie Talks Fashion: Fall vests

It’s been snowing the last few days, which means I’m all “aaawww” and “oooowwww” when I’m indoors and the second I get out I’m like “holy crap how AM I supposed to walk with so much snow???”. Luckily, I have a really warm and cozy jacket that actually belongs to my Mum, but she gave it to me when I got back…that’s what amazing mothers do, they give up their best jackets to their kids! (I don’t even want to think how much she’s freezing without it though!)

So, naturally, I’ve decided to write about vests today! Why? because I love vests, I have been loving vests for over three years now! I’ve looked for one that I’d like, but being the picky lady that I am, I just never got one that I felt was perfect!

This year I had no better luck, so I decided to show you some of the kind of vests I am loving now!

Fall vests

I love the edgier kind of vests, the furry ones or the knitted kind! 

From this particular selection I love the two last ones the most. I love the soft kind of fur of the last vest, but I also love the black furred one as well and of course there’s nothing edgier than a black leather (or fake leather) vest!

Vest are a very cute way to keep warm and cozy, but cute at the same time. 

Do you wear vests? Which one is your favorite?



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