Rosie Talks: Forever

I saw this quote from Emily Dickinson the other day and I just thought it was really deep and inspirational and I just had to use it here! So I picked out one of my favorite pictures (from the Hike me and Dave made last Summer) and used it as a canvas..I hope you like it!
You know how sometimes you think some things are forever? Be it a friendship, your favorite book or movie, your parents, your new boyfriend…in those times in life you think those things are gonna be forever! Heck, I’ve had a couple of friendships I thought were going to last forever and now we don’t even speak to each other anymore! 
I thought I would always like close to my my friends..I thought I would always have my Tante R. around..or my Opa (ok, I was nine when he died, but you get the idea!)..or that I was always going to have the same type of relationship I had with some friends…but things change!
And realizing that made me appreciate those little moment I have with them even more..take me and my best friend H. for example…there was a time we were completely inseparable! We were always together..we had almost all of our classes together and we just spent the rest of the time together…more than one person thought we were actually a couple (which we thought was weird and funny at the same time) and whenever someone would look for one of us, they would always ask the other..but on our last year at uni we didn’t have the same classes anymore..the whole year we only had two classes together and it was in the last Semester…it was hard keeping in touch, especially when he was dating a really jealous and intolerant girl who didn’t like our friendship. But we made it! He showed up on my birthday with an amazing birthday gift that he knew I would love and he went to my going away dinner. And even know, 6000 miles away, if I need something, he’s always there.
I do believe forever is composed of nows. It’s the moments that count! Those are the memories we cherish forever!
 The first time I went to the fair with Dave (thinking it was just a normal gathering with a friend, because he didn’t tell me it was a date); the vacation I took with my friend Joana to Algarve; the endless laughs me and the girls had at the Uni cafeteria; the first time Alex yelled at me and I wanted to cry because I thought he hated me (only to become one of my best friends and someone I never want to lose from my life, just a few months later!); the day me and Teresa were waiting endlessly for Hugo to visit us from his Erasmus in Barcelona; the times our very own Princess Angel Diamond got under the table when she saw the guy she found cute just because she thought she looked ugly that day (You’ll NEVER look ugly!! You’re a strong independent black woman who don’t need no ugliness!); the shopping dates me and Dani had, the endless talks we have, the e-mails we send each other (ok, she’s my best friend, there’s a lot of moments with her!!!); the day me and Cátia went with Emídio to Starbucks and then took a picture and it looks like she’s putting her straw in my nose, our dirty jokes in class…or anywhere for that matter; all the times Clara was there hugging me while I hysterically cried because I couldn’t take it anymore; the grumpy mornings me and Hugo had before getting our coffee or all the times we just had to share a look to know what the other one was thinking or the time we thought we had broken Dave’s coffee machine when Murphy was over; going to the Portuguese Golden Globes last year; my Graduation where all my friends and parents were there…those are the moments, and many many more, I will cherish forever!! Those are the “nows” that will always be in my mind and in my heart!
The laughs, the cries, the hugs, the fights, the making-ups, the advice sessions, the late night calls, the early morning calls, the anytime-of-the-day calls, the e-mails, the parties, the dirty jokes in unappropriated moments, the dirty jokes in appropriate moments or the just-because-I-felt-like-it dirty jokes, all of those are forever and will stay forever in my heart. Doesn’t matter where I am or if I still talk to some of these people. They’re my forever.
So, if something ends..don’t be sad..because you’ll always have the memories..those “Nows” you shared…make your own Forever! Because in the end of the day..the only thing, the only person you know you’ll stay with forever is yourself..
Have a great Sunday!


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