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So, after a couple of hectic weeks, we finally moved.
I gotta tell you guys, finding an apartment in such a little time is hard work! There was a moment when I thought everything was going down the drain. I wasn’t sleeping right, I wasn’t eating right and I cried more than I’d like to admit. 
So, after all this stress, we finally moved last Friday. My cousin Gitti and her husband Wolfgang helped with the move. And by helped I mean that they came with the car and in 10 min everything I own was in it. Wolfgang even took my bed apart and built it all back together at the apartment. Seriously, those guys are amazing! I didn’t have much contact with my cousin growing up and now it’s so strange how much in common we two have! And how much she reminds me of her mum, my Tante Renate. It’s amazing how sometimes family is alike, isn’t it? 
Anyways…it’s really refreshing to finally have my own four walls! Cookie has been feeling a lot better as well and you can even watch a small video that I made of her playing on my Instagram (and while you’re at it, why don’t you follow me?). She really does feel happier without the other cats around. And now no one eats her food. The first day we were here, whenever she heard a noise, she would run under the bed. It was endearing actually..and she’s also started “talking” again. She used to chirp a lot before we moved..and then she stopped, but now she’s doing it again and she’s also been sitting closer to me again, taking naps next to me. I’m so in love with my cat!
Anyways, this is all I have to update you on today! I just wanted to tell you guys I’m still alive and we’re doing great. And thank you to everyone who’s been here for me while I was having my meltdowns and crying crisis. I truly have the best Parents and best Friends ever!
I hope you all have a good week!
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