Rosie Talks: Rambly Update on apartment hunting!

We moved a couple of times when I was living with my parents..
I remembered it was always an adventure and I always had fun with the whole organization of my new room, putting things into place…well, for the first five minutes of work, but you know what I mean!
When I decided I was going to move to Vienna I thought it would be a piece of cake! I mean, how much work can two suitcases and a cat give? Piece of cake, right?
Moving into the hotel-apartment where I spent my first week here was somewhat easy, because my cousin G. helped me. She was so amazing and actually surprised me at the airport! Moving to the place where I lived for my first two months here wasn’t all that bad…I did it in two times, took one of the suitcases one day and the smaller one on the next day. Pretty easy. In an exhausting kind of way! Moving to the place where I am living now was a bit more of work, but my cousin G. and her husband W. were awesome and helped me not only move, but W. even assembled my bed again!
But I can only stay at this place for a few months, until the owner is back in town and needs it…so now I am, yet again, on the hunt for an apartment. And it’s not as fun as it seemed when I first started. From looking at apartments, from having people tell me they’re in the UK but “will have their lawyer fly there” if I pay in advance,  to people asking more than I make in a month just for the downpayment, I think I can say it’s been pretty hard!
So, if anyone out there knows about apartments for rent in Vienna, be nice and tell me, yes? I will be eternally grateful and if you’re lucky I’ll even give you some of my Kinder Chocolate (and I never share my Kinder Chocolate!!! EVER!).
I wish you all a great weekend!


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