Rosie Watches: Noah

So, last Saturday me and my friend M. finally managed to get together! We’d been trying to find the time to do so, but between me moving a thousand times, her uni work, holidays and whatnot, we only managed to do so last week. 
We actually went to the movies at the Millennium City Mall in Vienna and I even got a student discount, even though I’m not a student anymore! All because I look so young and sweet (ok, probably because M. has a student ID and the guy wanted to be nice, but I’m still going with the looking young and sweet story!). We were undecided between a couple of movies, but ended up going with Noah. I had read a ton of reviews (and I know the story from when I was a kid), but I hand’t watched the trailer, so I really didn’t know what to expect.
But I guess when you look at the poster you get the idea that the movie is gonna be pretty exciting, right? Plus it has Russel Crowe, who’s become one of my favorite actors (especially since Les Miserables!!). Sorry for the bad quality of the picture, I kinda stole it from Google…beggars can’t be choosers, right?
Anyway…if you think you’re gonna go to the movies with your 10 year old son so he can finally learn one of the Bible’s most known stories (because, ya know he ain’t gonna pay any attention at school unless there’s an iPhone-tablet-cell-gameboy-kinda-thing involved, right?), think again. The director is Darren Aronofsky (ring a bell? The Wrestler in 2008 or Black Swan in 2010..) and if that’s not enough to raise your brows then maybe the “subtle” adaptation that they made of the story will.
I wasn’t exactly one of those kids who paid a lot of attention in classes when I was a kid (or ever), but if the story had included that much drama and giants made out of stone who-were-actually-angels-punished-for-wanting-to-help-the-humans-way-back-in-the-day-when-humans-were-pure-and-not-corrupted-by-the-Kardashians, I would have paid attention! I mean giants made out of stone, with glowing insides, that’s too cool not to pay attention!!!
Also, I’m pretty sure the story I learned had all of Noah’s three sons with girlfriends when they entered the arc, and did not include Noah making everyone sleep with one eye open because he got crazy and wants to kill his own grandchildren. He didn’t, if you’re wondering, but the suspense was enough to make me and M. age 10 years, almost cry,leave the theater and spend the next decades throwing our money into therapy that would never really help.
The movie is very well done, the special effects are great, Russel Crowe is Russel Crowe (the guy has some muscles!!!!), Emma Watson is the same amazing actress as always, Jennifer Connelly is a poor wife that doesn’t have a mind of her own and does everything the husband wants, Anthony Hopkins is looking for berries the whole time (and finally finds one right before he dies) and Douglas Booth doesn’t really do much besides fulfill his job of impregnating Emma’s character.
Noah’s character was played amazingly by Russel Crowe who nailed the whole religious fanatic thing and made me have nightmares for the rest of my life. But other than the fact that there is an arc where all the animals go in and that Noah’s family is the only one that survives the load of rain, I think the story was very romanticized…but then again, I guess that’s why people go to the movies, right?
Did you watch it? Give me your opinion!


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