Rosie’s Birthday Wishlist #1

Have I mentioned my birthday is coming up? Well, it is. In exactly two weeks. 
Rosie needs some sandals. Rosie saw some really cute sandals. They remind her or the Miu Miu sandals that Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth wore circa 2012. Rosie likes the sandals. Rosie doesn’t like the price (100€). Rosie understands that the sandals are leather and therefor good quality.
Rosie is considering them. Rosie knows that quality has its price. But Rosie still doesn’t know if she wants to give so much money for some sandals (even though it’s her birthday).
And Rosie is going to stop referring herself on the third person now.



  1. Anonymous
    20. May 2014 / 8:31 am

    They are cute! Can totally see you in them!


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