Rosie’s Wishlist #2 – still with the sandals…

Maybe you remember me talking about some sandals I saw in this post from last week, where I told you I wanted some really cute sandals that cost a fortune. Well, that’s debatable…but do me it’s a fortune, ok???

So I decided to make a collage of sandals I likes and show you! What do you think?

Sandals 2014

I actually like all of them!! I really need to get myself a new pair of Havaianas, because my beloved and trustworthy pair of 12 years broke *insert sad smiley*… But I also want a pair of cute day-to-day heeled sandals that I can style up or down…so so hard to find though…

Up until now I’ve only really owned two pairs of “nicer” sandals…they both had wedges and even though I love the look of sandals with wedges, this years I’m more into chunky heels…But nonetheless I wanted to show you the cute wedges sandals on the top row, because they’re just darn cute!

On the second row I love love love the first pair (not even gonna talk about the price, we don’t want to have a depress Rosie here!), but I’m actually liking the second pair a lot! They’re from H&M and “only” cost 30€, which I think is pretty neat….I’m kinda scared to get some shoes from there, because I’m kinda scared that they won’t be good quality… 

Have any of you tried shoes from H&M? What are your thoughts on it?



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