Rosie’s Wishlist: March 2014 Edition

Most of the time I know I have enough stuff for just a girl. I also know compared to other young women I have actually a tiny amount of stuff. So, logically speaking, I think I should aim to get into that middle, between what I already have and the humongous amount of clothes/shoes/makeup that many bloggers out there have. It’s only fair…

Also, being a girl, I always want stuff. If it’s pink I like it. And if it is shiny you’ll probably not get me away from it very easily…

Here is my new Wishlist…take a look:Rosie's Wishlist
From left to right:

1. MAC BB Cream..I know the picture is for the Moisture Tint but since then I found out that they have a BB Cream and have been trying a sample and have to say it’s better than the Moisture Tint. But still, me wants.

2. Biotherm Blue Therapy Serum in Oil Night. My skin is very dry and sensitive and I’ve been advised by a dermatologist to start using a serum. This one is good because since it’s used at night, any extra oil won’t be seen during the day.

3. MAC’s Mineralize Concealer. The concealer from KIKO I’m currently using is almost out and I’ve been looking for option. This one seemed pretty good and since it’s mineral makeup it’s supposed to be healthier for you. Plus it covers up my dark circles, which is what I need, right?

4. The new Essie nail polishes. All of them. Not enough space to show all of them here, so I chose the pink and shiny one. I’m predictable like that.

5. Blouses. All kinds of blouses. I love them all, they go well with any kind of outfit and I’m currently in love with a dark blue one from H&M that costs 25€. 

6. Pumps. Black pumps. Round pumps, pointy pumps all kind of pumps, except square ones, those are ugly. Vienna makes me want to dress more elegant. Plus I love shoes, nothing more to say, really..

7. An iPhone. Well, this list is a bit old…I made this collage a while ago and then forgot about it..But hey, a cute iPhone case, what about that, huh?

Do you have any special wishes on your wishlist?



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