Self-care during pregnancy: body edition and something for the Dad!

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Self-care during pregnancy

As you know from this post, I got to choose some things from Notino to use during pregnancy. I think self-care is extremely important and especially women often forget to take care of themselves in favor of taking care of others. But when you are pregnant, your body goes through so many changes, you really should give it some love. Of course, the things I am showing you here can be used also if you are not pregnant!

As you may have noticed from the title of this post, today it’s all about body care, including what I do to keep my body hair in check! And as a little bonus, I also got something for Markus, after all the Dad-to-be also suffers a lot! 

Pregnancy care - notino

1- First I found out that Notino carries Palmer’s and I freaked out! I used their Pregnancy Cocoa Butter Formula moisturizer when I was a teenager – because it helps with stretch marks, not because I was pregnant. And I did not get one stretch mark back then, even though my weight fluctuated quite a bit! So when I saw it, I immediately ordered one (not pictured here, because it has been living in the bathroom and I forgot). I had already heard a lot about the Tummy Butter from fellow bloggers and I wanted to try it out. It is quite hard in the beginning, but when you manage to go past the first layer of product, it is amazing! Both the butter and the moisturizer have sweet smells, but they don’t linger, which I personally prefer. Another bonus point about the butter: it does not leave a greasy residue!

2- Now on to the oils. I have Neurodermitis (a form of atopic dermatitis) and itchy skin is something I already learned to live with. But when you are pregnant and your belly starts growing (so quickly!), the skin may start getting itchy. So when I saw Palmer’s also carries an Oil for Dry and itchy skin, I thought I’d give it a try. Then I saw Notino also carries Mustela – a brand I used to use in Portugal! So obviously, I also ordered the Stretch Marks Prevention Oil. And it has that smell I remember and love!

3- You know what gets neglected during pregnancy (and sometimes always)? Feet. Personally, I hate feet. But what I hate even more are unkept feet! I already own a Velvet Smooth machine from Scholl, but the roller heads are somewhat old already, so I ordered new ones in the Diamond Crystal edition (not so sure if they really have diamond crystals though). So far, I am really happy with them!

4- Last, but not least, body hair! I told you before, the hair on my body has been growing a lot quicker. Shaving is just not an option for me, unless it is really necessary. I usually use an epilator, but while pregnant I have been wanting to start waxing again. The good thing is, I already own an Easy Wax machine. I was out of wax, so I ordered the Wax Refill with Shea Butter.

On to the things for the Dad-to-be!

 man self-care - notino

Let’s be honest, once the woman is pregnant, it is mostly all about her! It comes to no surprise that men sometimes feel a bit left out (though I am sure they are happy not to get the whole nausea in the first trimester). I wanted to make Markus feel a bit loved, but it really is hard to get him something! The guy never wants anything!! While it is cute when he says “I already have everything” or “I have you, don’t need anything else”, that is not helpful when I want to gift him something. 

1- Since we got together, Markus learned the concept of moisturizing his skin. Once I realized he was sneaking my moisturizer for his own use, I bought him his own. This was almost three years ago and now whenever his is finished, he comes with the packaging and a panic look. He probably believes if he stops using it, he will turn old much quicker. I may or may not have been the one to tell him that, so he would also use the darn moisturizer. (What? It worked! Don’t judge, you know you do the same!). I always get him some kind of revitalizing moisturizer, because the man works to much and drink too little water. This time I went with the Nivea Active Energy Skin Revitalizer Face Cream, with a pump so he has no excuses.

2– Another drama we have is when his shower gel ends, which he calls shampoo. I tried explaining the difference between shampoo and shower gel, but the man does not want to know. He says it is easier to only have one bottle, but then does’t like the 2-in-1 products, because they leave his hair greasy. I stopped trying to understand him. Markus does have sensitive skin (though he would never admit it!), so I went with the Nivea Men Sensitive shower gel – which can also be used as a shampoo and he has not complained about it yet! The 500ml bottle is perfect, because it lasts him longer and I don’t need to buy another for a couple of weeks – because, lets face it, as soon as a guy lives with someone, he doesn’t do his own drugstore shopping. 

3- Lastly, I wanted to get him something special, so I went with the Calvin Klein Eternity Deodorant for men. It has a lovely smell and is in stick format, the kind he likes. And if he likes it, he may even get the perfume version gifted sometime in the next few months. 

How do you take care of your body? Do you also find it important to show the father-to-be some love?




  1. 7. December 2017 / 4:22 pm

    Liebe Rosie,
    ich bin heute wieder auf deinem Blog gestoßen, und obwohl der Post nicht für meine Zielgruppe bestimmt ist, fand ich es doch sehr spannend zu lesen, welche Produkte du gerade so benützt 🙂

    liebste grüße,
    katharina von SJMB

    • Rosie von Waldherr
      8. December 2017 / 10:31 pm

      Danke Katharina! Was ich am besten finde ist, dass die Produkte eigentlich von jedem benutzt werden können =D Wie gesagt, ich habe die Creme auch schon als Teenager (und definitiv NICHT schwanger!) benutzt und geliebt!

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