[:en]Shitty days[:de]Scheiß Tage[:pt]Dias de merda[:]

Some days are harder than others. Some days are more painful than others. Some days are simply shitty days. But you won’t see it, because I chose not to allow the world to see it. It’s easier for me to act like that, to try and keep my life as normal as possible. It’s easier than letting the disease control me and my life.

I saw the image above in on of the Fibro Groups on Facebook yesterday and it really called out to me. See, the last three days have been horrible. I have been in a lot of pain and it’s exhausting. Feeling pain every second of a day gets tiring. Why I still go to work? Because it helps me focus. It helps me get through the day and it helps me keep being positive. It gives me a purpose and I feel that’s important.

It’s still hard and as much as people want to understand, unless you go through it, you can’t. My reality changed since my flare started last year. Because now I’m no longer in school, where I could just ditch class and get the notes from a colleague if I wasn’t feeling well. Now I have to pay rent and feed my cats and go to work and be a grown up. My reality right now is living with the fact that I am in pain and that it might get worse during the day, without a warning. That’s just how it is. 

That’s ok though. It’s hard, but I’m not going to let this put me down. I spent too much time trying to find out what was wrong with me and even thought Fibromyalgia and all the things that come with it suck, it could be worse.

I’m chronical, not terminal.

I won’t let my life be controlled by this and neither should you let the less good things in your life, control it. I like posting positive things on here, because I like being positive and I think it helps life a lot. But sometimes I also have shitty days. 

What do you do, when your day doesn’t go well?]


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