Some of my favorite perfumes

I was going to name this post “top 5 perfumes”, but there are more perfumes I like and although I like these as well, there are some others that come closer to being favorites. Nevertheless I decided to still share with you some of my favorite perfumes!


1- D&G nº3 L’impératrice: This is one of my favorite perfumes ever! It’s from the more affordable line from Dolce&Gabbana and sadly they stopped selling it in some countries and I couldn’t find it in Portugal anymore, but when I moved here a sales lady told me they’d keep selling it here. I bought it last year for my birthday!

2- Dolce&Gabbana The OneI got this for Christmas, after wearing the “Rose” version for years I must say I wasn’t sure I’d like it. Turns out I like it even more than the other version! It’s a very “grown up” perfume though, so I wouldn’t recommend it for a teenager.

3- ESCADA Taj SunsetUnfortunately this is a limited edition from 2014 and isn’t available anymore. I was lucky enough to find one (last!) bottle on sale for 20€ at Sephora back in December and I immediately grabbed it so I’d have a back up of the one I’d gotten last Summer. It’s my go-to perfume this Summer (and last one too!) and I’m so sad that I always fall in love with the LE and then have to go find something else once I use them up 🙁

4- Emporio Armani SheI fell in love with this perfume back when I was 15 and remember I wanted to get it soooo badly, but it was terribly expensive. In 2009 while on Layover in Frankfurt on my way to Vienna I found it on sale for 35€ (the big one!!!) and immediately got it. I have since then used it all up, but kept the bottle, because it was my first expensive perfume that I bought myself and I wanted to keep it as a reminder.

5- Calvin Klein EternityThis is one of my all time favorite perfumes, but unfortunately it’s been giving me headaches lately. I usually wear it during Winter, but it would be a good perfume all year round!

These are some of my favorite perfumes! 

What is your favorite perfume? Let me know, I’m always on the hunt for a new perfume!




    • 28. August 2015 / 9:20 am

      I never tried the YSL Black Opium and somehow am really scared to because I know the original one and I really don’t like it xD Never tried the Jo Malone perfumes, but heard there are some really good ones!

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