Spikes and bruises..

 Hey hey everyone!
Although everyone has been telling me I’m stressed for the past one and a half months, I never actually believed it. I don’t actually feel stressed or anxious or such. I just don’t. So, how do you un-stress yourself when you don’t even know you’re stressed to begin with? It’s quite confusing to me if I might say so.
From back pain to chest pain and not being able to sleep, all of things my Mum says are due to stress (and no one better than her to say so, it’s her professional area after all). But yesterday was the worst day in a long time!
I went to do some errands, like I normally do in the afternoon, but when walking back home I kept having cold and hot flashes, cold sweats, dizziness and felt like I was in a ship on a rocky ocean. All that while feeling really really weak. I thought I was having a hypoglycemia episode like so many times before, so naturally when I got home I measured my blood sugar which was normal. Next step was measuring my blood pressure and it was off the charts!!! I always have very very low blood pressure but yesterday it was almost double as high as it usually is. 
Naturally I kept very still, tried not to get stressed, but it wasn’t really doing anything for me so my Dad came with an Eggnog and I drank it. It must have done something because it did lower a bit. 
Today when I went to the doctor she told me that I should take a Xanax before bed as preventive measurement, which I’m already doing. And if it happens again, double the dose. Which I hope doesn’t happen!!! She also told me something I didn’t know and was very surprising to me. Lately (for the past two weeks or so) I’ve felt a bit…I don’t want to say fat, but it’s also not just bloated…I feel like my clothes don’t fit as well anymore, but only on my tummy area. And when I told her I thought I was gaining weight without reason she just immediately said “But only on the tummy area, right?” I was surprised and she explained that stress makes you put on weight mostly on the tummy area
I surely wasn’t expecting that! But hey..now I know that I’m not going crazy!
So yeah…that was my day yesterday..Oh and I let a basket full of wood fall on my foot and now I have a beautiful bruise on it!!!
Hope your week has been going better!



  1. 29. January 2014 / 3:45 am

    Uggh, stress has the worst side effects and I totally feel for you! Take a break from things if you can (though I know that's not always possible). Sometimes I find truly unplugging from phones, computers, etc. for a couple days or as long as you can really helps!

  2. 29. January 2014 / 6:42 pm

    Thank you!! I don't actually feel stressed…but I guess that's why I feel so bad, my body is trying to let me know I need to calm down.. I'm going to have a spa night tonight, so hopefully it'll get better! =D

  3. 30. January 2014 / 6:28 pm

    Thank you =) I try to only be realistic on my blog =)

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