Steak and veggies galore

Like I told you in this Post, Markus and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day. But we still took it as an excuse to have an amazing dinner, that Markus cooked!

Steak and veggies

A week or so before Valentine’s Day Markus asked me what I would like to have for dinner – and told me he would cook. I was craving steak for a while now and that is exactly what he cooked!

I have to tell you guys that Markus really cooks well! (I hit the Jackpot with him!)

Steak and veggies

For the side dish, he made mashed potatoes and some green beans. We got a Termomix as a Christmas present and you can make the best mashed-potatoes with it!

I have to admit I was (very!) skeptical about it and thought only people that don’t want to cook have a machine like this. But I did change my mind, a Termomix does help you out in the kitchen, even if you just use it as a side help.

Steak and veggies

The steak was cooked to perfection and was extremely yummy!! I almost didn’t have enough place in my stomach to eat everything. 

What did you do for Valentine’s Day? Did you go out for dinner or did you cook at home?



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  1. Lorna
    8. March 2017 / 4:11 am

    That looks so good! For Valentine’s Adam and I stayed in and watched romantic movies!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

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