Stokke® Steps™ Bouncer – my review

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Stokke is one of the most known brands when it comes to children furniture and equipment. While the brand was first established back in 1932, it only started producing children’s products in 1972. The first children’s product was the worldwide known Tripp Trapp® chair, before that, the brand produced bus seats. It’s hard to imagine Stokke as anything other than a children furniture brand, isn’t it?  Today I am sharing with you my thoughts on the Stokke® Steps™ Bouncer.

Stokke Steps Bouncer abnehmbar


The bouncer is made to make the baby feel like it is being cradled. It is part of the Stokke® Steps™ high chair seating system and can be either used alone or clipped onto the Steps™ chair. It grows with your baby – literally – with various seating positions that you can choose, according to the baby’s weight. The bouncer also has a newborn insert, to support the infant’s head. We only have the Stokke® Steps™ Bouncer, but I think it is even better with the chair! 

Full disclosure here: this bouncer was my savior the first few weeks after having the baby. Like I told you in this post, Markus stayed home for 4 weeks after Benjamin was born. Once he went back to work, however, I was still far from being healed after my emergency c-section. Standing up was still very difficult and I didn’t dare stand up while carrying Benjamin. That’s where the Stokke® Steps™ Bouncer saved the day(s)!


Stokke® Steps™ Bouncer - Curvy Life Stories

Whenever I had to take him to change diapers, I would put Benjamin in the Stokke® Steps™ Bouncer before I needed to pick him up. Basically I would pick him up, straddle him in the Stokke® Steps™ Bouncer, get myself off of the couch and then I would pick Benjamin up. It also came in handy whenever he wanted to be rocked and I was in too much pain to do so – that c-section scar was really no joke! We also put it on our dining table whenever we had to do something in the kitchen or were eating. 


With time I got a lot better, but still kept using the Stokke® Steps™ Bouncer! Nowadays I put Benjamin there when he wants to be with us, but we can’t be holding him. Also, it is very practical for when I have to feed him a bottle. Though that is also something that apparently he wants to take over soon, as you can see below. 

Stokke® Steps™ Bouncer  - Curvy Life Stories

Stokke won me over because it has very functional products, without lacking in quality. I  love the designs of their products, the clean lines, the functionality and especially the fact that the products not only grow with the baby but can be used with each other! Tell me what YOU love about Stokke, I would love to know.


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