Stop asking me if I plan on breastfeeding

And stop trying to convince me to do, by listing all reasons why I have to be a part of the breastfeeding club when I tell you I don’t know if I will. 

Breastfeeding, like tattoos or choosing to color your hair, is something very personal. When did it become OK to comment on this?!



Whenever I am asked if I plan on breastfeeding I answer that it is none of your fucking business “I don’t know yet”. Because it’s the truth. Now, what bothers me the most is when said person starts listing me all the reasons why I absolutely HAVE to do it. Do you actually think I haven’t read all of the articles? That I am not informed about all of the pros (and cons!) about breastfeeding?

Did you know there are women who want to breastfeed more than anything but are unable to do so? Do you know most of them, even if they already know they won’t be able to, will not come out “publicly” and say so?

They will tell her how it isn’t her decision to make, but the baby’s. How it is important to breastfeed to create a bond with the baby. Or how without breastfeeding, the baby will get sick much more often and won’t be so smart.

Yes, I heard this one myself. From a man. Who doesn’t know how breastfeeding actually feels like. But who knows the baby won’t be smart if it’s not breastfed. 



The truth is, there are a variety of reasons why someone cannot breastfeed. Maybe their milk supply isn’t enough or the pain of having a ravenous beast child sucking on their sensitive nipples is too much to handle. And sometimes, people get breast reductions (like yours truly) and have a 50% chance of being able to breastfeed.

“But 50% is a VERY good chance!” some people will tell you. Yes, it is. But what if I (GASP!) do not WANT to breastfeed?

At the end of the day, this is a decision that only the mother herself can make. Because it is her body. Yes, women still have opinions and can make their own decisions!

I’m sick and tired of people thinking they can just come out with their comments – very often uninformed people, giving wrong information. Even worse are people who try to shame women into breastfeeding, making them feel like they’re bad mothers if they don’t (even if they can’t do it for medical reasons). It’s a form of psychological abuse that should not be tolerated!

Next time you want to put your nose into someone else’s business give your opinion about whether or not a woman is planning on breastfeeding her child, take a deep breath and SHUT.YOUR.MOUTH!


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