The best present ever!

This post is way overdue and I must confess I thought I’d already written it and posted it!

Now I discovered that I didn’t post it, so here it is: the best present I’ve gotten!


Back in February Markus told me he had something for me. I totally dismissed it, thinking it was some information he had found to help me out with my apartment/job hunt and so on. Little did I know, that he would give me one of the most thoughtful presents ever!


I collect mugs, but ever since I left Portugal I haven’t had the chance to actually collect many and for about 10 months I only had one mug, which I got sent from my parents and has “love” written all over it. So, when I opened the package Markus gave me, I was more than excited to see he had given me a mug!! He then said “It’s a magic mug! I wouldn’t just give you a black mug, silly!”, even though I was just so happy that surprised he had remembered that I collected mugs, even though I’d only told him once!


He proceeded to go and fill the mug with hot water and then the magic happened: pictures started appearing on it!

But not just any pictures, no, he had gone through the work of choosing pictures of Daisy and Donald and order the mug with them!!! It looks just black when it’s empty, but once you put something hot it in, the pictures start showing! He set Daisy’s pictures on the left, Donald’s on the right and then one of both of them in the middle and one of us three below the middle one.


This is truly one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received!!! I love it so much, I’ve been using it almost everyday when drinking my coffee or tea. Looking at it always reminds me of my babies and of how thoughtful the gift was!



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