The day I challenged myself!

I’ve realized that lately I’m having more anxiety problems, when it comes to go somewhere on my own or be somewhere with a lot of people, again if I’m alone. The tricky thing with anxiety is that you never know when it’s gonna get worse or better, the only thing you can do is try to challenge it when you realize there’s a kind of pattern.

And so I did! I picked myself up, put on my pretty neat new purple bikini and decided to drive to a nearby lake. I reckoned it wouldn’t be very full because it’s during the week and so I went. After getting lost 2 times because I’m incapable of following the GPS directions, I finally got there! (it was just a 15min drive!) 

As I had predicted, it wasn’t very full. It was my first time there and that alone was challenging for me! Adding the fact that my body was exposed was reason enough to make me wanna run right back into the apartment (and my sweatpants!). But I stayed! And I swam. And I had fun!!! On my Instagram you can see how it looked over there.

Today was a good day, I challenged my own fears and I won!



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