The day we made a trip to India!

Last night Markus and me decided to go get some Indian food at a local restaurant he’d already been to. I’d only gone to an Indian restaurant once, over 10 years ago – in a mall. You can say that it wasn’t a very real experience back then. And the only thing I knew about Indian food is curry and naan bread.


For starters we shared some veggies with three different sauces: The first one was a chili sauce (that I didn’t try but Markus said it was really hot!); the middle one is a very sweet and salty sour, very well seasoned; the last one was a passion fruit sauce – so yummy and sweet and spicy at the same time.

I have to confess I was somewhat scared that it would be too hot, as I don’t really react well with hot food (I get asthma attacks) and I was pleasantly surprised, it was really mild and even a bit on the sweet side…it was very spicy though – but I love spicy food!


Markus chose a platter with small different dishes, while I chose the coconut chicken curry with rice. We asked a side of garlic naan bread. I also had a mango-lassi, so yummy!!!

It truly was one of the nicest dinners we’ve ever had and the owners of the restaurant are so nice and funny! I advise everyone to check it out if you’re ever in Linz! 

“Zaffran indian cuisine” by the Jasm brothers

Domgasse 6 in Linz

Are you guys Indian food fans? Let me know!



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