The day we went to the Eidenberger Alm!

A few weeks ago (ok, ok, back in August) Markus and me decided to go to a place he had heard a lot about. It is near Linz, a few miles away in the middle of the countryside. Let me tell you, the view was amazing!! It is a very traditional place, run by a family.

Since it was a hot day, we both decided to order salads and split the appetizer.

Markus’ salad had a lot of smoked meats and feta cheese. It looked amazing and he said it was really yummy!


I, on the other hand, decided to yet again order a Backhendl salad – probably my favorite Austrian dish. It’s basically a fried chicken salad. And it’s amazeballs!

This salad also had some melon slices in it, making it summery and definitely different than it usually is!

And obviously we had to have garlic bread. I of course said I wanted my own, instead of sharing, but I didn’t know it would be so big, so Markus ended up eating one of my bread slices.

If you are ever near Linz and want to eat somewhere good (and don’t mind driving for 30min), I highly suggest you go to the Eidenberger Alm! The staff is really sweet and competent and the food is just beyong yummy. Price-wise it is also not expensive at all – we’ve paid more in other places with far less yummyness!

I would advise you to make a reservation beforehand, because it tends to be full (another sign of how good it is!):

Gasthof Eidenberger Alm

Familie Schütz – Almstraße 5 – A-4201 Eidenberg   0043 72395050

If you ever go there, don’t forget to let me know!!! And share it in a comment!



  1. Claudia
    1. October 2015 / 10:08 pm

    Wow this looks so delicious! Could you write more about what you like in Austria and where you live?

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