The Fall-Winter colors to look out for in the 2019/2020 season according to Pantone

Back in the day when I didn’t have a little monster sucking the life out of me, one of my hobbies was waiting for Pantone to drop their color choices for the upcoming season. They always came up with impressive choices for the colors and their names. The Fall-Winter Pantone colors you should look out for in the 2019/2020 season don’t disappoint either!

Pantone’s main shades for Fall-Winter 2019/2020 

Chili Pepper and Biking Red are the two beautiful red shades of the season. They could also not be more different, which makes them perfect for different occasions and skin colors.

Crème de Pêche is the perfect cool neutral to combine with anything. The trend has also been using this type of shade on its own, which gives a very elegant note to any outfit.

Peach Pink is a warm peach with a slight orange undertone, which can look amazing on the right skin tones. 

Rocky Road is an intense dark brown shade, beautiful as the base of an outfit.

Fruit Dove is one of the brightest colors in this palette and is sure to draw attention wherever you use it. It may seem more of a Summertime color, but paired with the right color it can elevate any outfit.

Sugar Almond is a warm caramel tone that I am in love with!

Dark Cheddar is a warm and extremely elegant shade of yellow – perfect for redheads

Galaxy Blue is an elegant version of Royal Blue.

Bluestone is a more gentle version of the color blue and being neutral it suits almost everyone.

Orange Tiger brings the strength of the feline into this season.

Eden is a beautiful emerald green shade that emanated wealth and elegance. 

Pantone’s classic colors for Fall-Winter 2019/2020

Pantone now also offers a palette of neutral colors, alongside with the seasonal one. The Fall-Winter season is composed of four colors. They are minimal neutral colors supposed to go with the seasonal colors.

Vanilla Custard is a warmer shade than Crème de Pêche, but I don’t see any big difference between the two.

Evening Blue is a darker shade of blue, granted to make anyone wearing it feel self-confident and in control of their day.

Paloma is an elegant shade of gray, that I don’t find very exciting but know can be a good base for any outfit.

Guacamole feels very unexpected and almost like it is in the wrong list, with its brightness.    

My personal thoughts

My favorite colors of Pantone’s Fall-Winter 2019/2020 palettes are definitely Dark Cheddar and Sugar Almond. As close second come Rocky Road and Eden. I do find Evening Blue a gorgeous shade, but don’t think it suits me very much. I’m disappointed that they chose two very similar colors with Vanilla Custard and Crème de Pêche and feel like the latter should be in the neutral palette. Guacamole is my least favorite color and feels completely out of place in the neutral palette. 


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