The Florentine

Markus and I like to go out for breakfast and try out new places around Linz. A few weeks ago Markus and I went to the Florentine. It’s a boat anchored by the Danube, which is also a bar/restaurant. It is supposed to be really good and “hip” place to go at night. The full name is Salonschiff Fräulein Florentine, but everyone around here calls it “The Florentine”.

The interior of the boat is decorated in a very chabby-simple way. I think the intention might be cute, but the chairs we sat on were not comfortable at all and the window corners had clearly no been cleaned in months, as they were already full of dust and even spider webs.

I had made a reservation two days before and when we got there we found our table straight away. The staff consisted of three people serving and one in the kitchen. None of the three waiters greeted us or showed us to our tables. After 15min waiting we finally said we’d like to order and then the boy came in a few minutes to take our order.

After ordering we waited for over 45 minutes. When a couple who had gotten in about 40 minutes after us received their order in less than 5 minutes, Markus went to talk to the staff. The older waitress came to out table to tell us our order would come right away and that there had been a “mess up” with the orders. However she did not apologize or said anything. Finally out order arrived:

On to the food, I have to say it was delicious! All of the menus have maritime inspired names, but I don’t really recall them.

I ordered the müsli with yogurt and fruits. I did however ask for the deluxe version, which also had bread and a veggie spread. My order was 9.50€ and included a fresh juice and coffee.

Markus ordered the menu above mine in the picture. It had bread, honey, butter, jam, ham, cheese and a boiled egg. It was also a very well served and yummy! His order I think was also around 8€.

All in all I think the food was amazing and the price was ok. What I didn’t like was that the place did not seem very clean and the service was horrible. I can understand that they’re human and an order can get messed up, but there wasn’t much going on (there were about 4 tables in our area, all of them had ordered before us and then 2 more in another area) and there were 3 people serving, so I really don’t see any excuse for the service to be so bad.

Have you ever been there? What did you think?


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